A.M.E. SRL  Accessori Macchine Elettriche



Shielded cabinets for partial discharge tests on the cables



The shieleded cabinet are necessary for who executes the test of partial discharge on the cables, in what reduce considerably the environment noise, at a approximate value of 0.05 picoCulomb.

Together to shieleded cabinet we can supply with the following equipments:

  • Step-up transformer exempt from partial discharge to execute the tests.

  • Voltage regulator to feed step-up transformer.

  • Control desk to monitor constantly the tension that distribuites on the cable in test.

  • Control panel to feed test circuit.

  • Power factor correction panel, necessary for correct the power factor caused by capacitive load of cable in test.

  • Reactors for power factor correction for low voltage or for high voltage  (max 60 kV) 

The dimensions of shieleded cabinet are realized on demand of the customers.