A.M.E. SRL  Accessori Macchine Elettriche





The A.M.E. factory work from over twenty years in the sector of tests electric eqipments for test room with a remarkable ones diversification of productive range that lets satisfy the manifold demands of our clientele both private and public.

Our productive range is devided in the following lines:

  • Equipment for impulse test until 2000 KV
  • Equipment for dielectric test with industry frequency
  • Equipment for test of  insulating oils rigidity
  • Equipment for test of the solids insulating material
  • Step-up transformer until 500 KV
  • Spheres spark.gup until 1000 mm of diameter
  • Equipment for test of pass and contact voltage
  • Shielded cabinets for test on the cables
  • Changer for transformers of middle voltage
  • Capacitive dividers of measure
  • Control panel and power factor correction panel
  • Centralize equipment for check the luminous flow in plants of public and industrial lighting