A.M.E. SRL  Accessori Macchine Elettriche



Equipment for the test of insulating oil


The range Oil Test of AMETEST instruments for measure of dielectric rigidity of isolating oils is actually one of the completest and is able to satisfy each demand of the testerman. The range Oil Test is divided in 3 type of instruments:

They are instruments of easy to transport but particularly proper for usage in laboratory.
The container is in strenghtened fiber-glass and contains in 2 locations, the feeding and measure circuit, integral with the rack, and step-up transformer , integral with feeding insulators of test cell.
Test voltage: 60 KV - 80 KV - 100 KV (RMS)

They are equpments like version SA but contained in a box of aluminium with degree of protection IP53, supplied with robust transport handles.
Test voltage: 60 KV - 80 KV(RMS)

They are instruments of alike structure to series SA proper to execute dielectric test both on oils isolating and on others dielectric material.
Test voltage: 60 KV - 80 KV - 100 KV(RMS)